Want Help with Your Weight Loss Goals? These Sites Can Help

It can be discouraging to try and lose weight without support. I know. I seem to battle the same 10 pounds over and over again, moving in an endless cycle. In general, I try to live a healthy lifestyle with reasonable eating choices and physical activity, but sometimes the pounds just sort of creep up on me. And, of course, each time that happens, it’s harder to lose the weight again. That’s why it can help to have some sort of support system in place.

Thanks to technology, you can find support from others, and track your weight loss goals — all at the same time. If you are looking for help with your weight loss program, here are a few web sites to try.

Free Weight Loss Help Web Sites

There are a number of great web sites out there that can help you track calories, record exercise, and even chat with others in your situation. Sometimes a community can make all the difference:

  1. Calorie Count: The Calorie Count tool from About.com is one of my favorites. The database contains nutrition information for thousands of different foods, and you can also enter your exercise. This site not only counts your calories for you, but also gives you a nutrition grade, and helps you see what nutrients you are falling short on — and what you are getting too much of. You can enter your weight, and follow the trend, and even work toward a specific goal. The trend will let you know when you can expect to reach your weight goal.
  2. SparkPeople: You can get help putting together a free weight loss plan with SparkPeople. Connect with others, and choose from templates that can help you personalize a fitness and diet plan. Plus you can participate in message boards that contain helpful hints from trainers and dietitians.
  3. FitDay: A food tracker and exercise journal, FitDay provides you with the ability to record your goals and work toward them. Your daily diet is analyzed so that you can spot problem areas. There is alos a long term diet analysis that can be helpful. A free version, and a premium membership version are both available.
  4. MyFitnessPal: Join the MyFitnessPal community, get the iPhone app, and keep up with your goals. You can track food, exercise and take advantage of the various tools offered by the web site to help keep you on track. A blog contains helpful and inspiring articles, and the community allows you to connect with others and find the support you need to keep going.
  5. ActiveLog: If you have a competitive spirit, ActiveLog might be just the tool for you. This site is all about challenging others. Challenge your friends to fitness goals in running, cycling and lifting. Train your body to be fit and healthy by working toward victory. A great motivator for those who like a little competition and are determined to come out ahead.
No matter which site you use, you can make a plan to lose weight and improve your fitness. A little online support may be all you need to succeed.

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