5 Tips for Increasing the Success of Your Healthy Living Plan

Many of us have grand plans to live healthier. However, sometimes even the best-laid plans go awry.

In order to increase the chance that your healthy living plan will be a success, here are 5 tips to apply:

1. Get the Whole Family on Board

If you have a partner, and especially if you have kids, you need to make sure everyone is on board with your healthy living plan. It’s much easier for you to stay on track if everyone else in the family is as committed as you are.

This means that you need to create a plan that appeals to everyone else in the family, as well as to you. It’s important that you make your exercise program something that the kids can do, as well as something that you enjoy doing.

Make healthy living a family affair, and you’ll have more success — and your kids will be more likely to grow up with their own healthy habits.

2. Start Small

5 Tips for Increasing the Success of Your Healthy Living PlanYou can’t overhaul your lifestyle completely and expect it to “stick.” Instead, you need to approach it a little bit at a time. Start small. Slowly cut out unhealthy items in your diet and replace them with healthier choices.

Start out with 10 minutes of exercise a day and the gradually increase what you do. If you make small, incremental changes, they are more likely to last. And, while it might not seem like a huge difference as you go through the process. When you look back a year from now, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come.

3. Track and Reward Your Progress

Make sure that you track and reward your progress in your efforts. You want to make sure that you stay on track — and that you give yourself something to look forward to. Reaching certain milestones can be cause for celebration, and keep you motivated to reach the next milestone.

Set goals as a family, and then celebrate as a family when you reach those goals. You’ll be more interested to stay on track, and you’ll be happier with the progress that you make.

4. Be Realistic

Don’t assume that things are going to change overnight. You have to be realistic about your healthy living goals, and what you can realistically accomplish.

Sit down with your partner, or your family, and discuss some of your health goals, and figure out what you can be realistically be expected to accomplish.

While you do want to stretch yourself a little bit, you also don’t want to set a goal that is unattainable. Look for the right balance, which includes pushing yourself a little bit, without going too far.

5. Don’t Assume a Mistake Means It’s Hopeless

Most of us go through cycles of motivation. Additionally, none of us is perfect. As a result, you have to realize that you might slip up on occasion. However, you can’t let a mistake ruin your efforts. Don’t assume it’s hopeless. If you slip a little, get back on track tomorrow. If a vacation threw off your rhythm, get into when you get back. It’s not the end of the world if you have to re-set.

What are your best tips for sticking with a healthy living plan?

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