Tips for Exercising When You’re Away From Home

It’s hard enough for me to exercise when I’m at home and I have access to a great fitness room at my apartment complex. Because I dislike exercise for the sake of exercise, it’s even harder for me to find the motivation to stick with it when I’m away from home.

However, since I’ve made good progress with my health and exercise, I don’t want to undo the work I’ve put in, just because I’m visiting with the in-laws for a week. While I’m not going to be able to hop on the elliptical for half an hour, or do my kickboxing while I’m out of town, I can still make it a point to get in a little exercising.

Use What’s Available

Take stock of what’s available in your current location. My in-laws have a stationary bike, as well as a stability ball. You might have access to a swimming pool at a hotel, or a treadmill. Even if you aren’t able to follow your exact routine, you might be able to do something in terms of exercising.

And, in fact, getting out of your routine might actually be better for you. It can change things up, and help you work your muscles in a different way. In fact, it might be good to change your workout routine regularly anyway.

Create a Go-To Short Routine

Another thing I like to do when I travel is have a short routine that I can use. There is a five-minute routine that is similar to intervals, that includes jumping jacks, pushups, high-knees, situps, and other exercises. I can do the routine one to three times, depending on how much time I have for exercising.

I also have a couple of yoga sequences that I can follow. That gives me a way to switch it up, as well as provides me with something calming to do while I’m away, or if I’m stressed. A short routine doesn’t completely replace your regular long exercising routine, but it’s better than nothing, and if you make it a point to include toning exercises, you can maintain your muscle.

Look for Active Things to Do

When I’m away, I like to look for active things to do. A walking tour of an area, or deciding to use mass transit rather than driving, is a good way to sneak in some exercise. If a city your visiting has a bike share program, you can take advantage of that. And, of course, since I do a lot in the outdoors, the hiking and camping I do regularly provides me with physical activity, even though I’m not engaging in a “normal” exercise routine.

Don’t Forget to Eat Right

One of the reasons that getting away — and out of your exercise routine — can be so problematic is that you have a drop in physical activity that is accompanied by poor eating habits. Make it a point to continue eating right, even when you are out of your normal routine. Look for healthy options, drink plenty of water, and remember portion control. You can limit some of the damage that travel can do if you consciously make an effort to eat healthy while you are away.

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