Thoughts I Always Keep With Me – For Happiness

Our happiness is largely determined by the amount of control we have over our lives.

When we feel like we are in the driver’s seat with full control over what is happening around us we feel calm, secure and happy.

When we feel like the world is spinning out of control, that we are on a stormy sea in a too little boat, we feel insecure, nervous and unhappy.

I learned this the first time from Brian Tracy at one of his seminars.

It is something I have followed and used all my life.

Every day I remind myself

We have an immense control over our lives. More then we ever believe. The problem is that we never really use the incredible power we have received.

Thousands of people have used the power contained within to go from poverty to riches, men like Henry Ford and Thomas A. Edison did incredible things all by the use of persistence, planning and goal setting.

Because of their example, I know that I, and you, can become anything we put our minds to.

If we decide upon a goal and work on it with abandon until it is completed, we will complete it.

No goal is too large.

(read more about goal setting at: How to set goals that will make you rich)

This knowledge is a calming of the storm, it helps us take control of our lives and realize that what happens without comes from within.

Everything that happens to you happens for a reason, that reason is you. If you have wronged others before, they will try to trip you today. If you have made a positive difference for others they will do the same for you.

What work you put in today will benefit you tomorrow.

I bring these with me every day

Every day I remind myself of these 2 facts.

  1. I am in control of my own life
  2. I chose to be happy

I chose to be happy

The day I learned that I chose to be happy (or unhappy) my whole world changed. I realized that if I wanted to feel good, I could. Whatever was happening around me. Even on a bad day I can be happy.

The fact that I today chose to be happy has made most of the negative things around me disappear, at least in my eyes.

I have learned to focus on solutions instead of problems.

Action Exercise

Remember that you are in control of your life and your emotions. Sure, sometimes things will happen that you wish didn’t, but it won’t help to be beat down by it.

Take action and try to turn it into something positive. A learning experience, an opportunity, anything, try to find the positive side of each problem and you will.

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