Things You Probably Need but Wouldn’t Think to Ask for as a Christmas Gift

As winter settles in, your thoughts are probably full of Christmas gift ideas for friends and family. Likewise, you’re probably thinking about things you’d like to receive under the tree. Christmas is a great time to ask for things you wouldn’t ordinarily buy for yourself, things that aren’t necessarily “fun.” As great as a new tool bench or pool table could be, practical gifts are wonderful for making your life easier and more comfortable. Here are some ideas for items you might not think to ask for when the holidays roll around.

What: Electronic garage door and garage door opener

Why: Convenience, safety, higher resale value on home, home modernization

From: Spouse, in-laws

Electronic garage doors are an amenity no homeowner should be without. They enable you to stay in the car during inclement weather and/or at night when safety is an increased concern. Modernizing your home’s systems is a comfort feature for you, as well as a nice incentive for potential buyers down the line. This practical gift would be excellent from a spouse (who will also benefit from its installation) or in-laws who may give an annual gift of considerable value.

What: New tires

Why: Road safety, better car performance

From:  Grandparents, parents, siblings

A new set of tires can be fairly expensive, albeit necessary, which makes them a perfect gift to request for Christmas. This can be a great gift option for siblings who are limited by budget for gifts, such as those securing presents for several family members. New tires are good for all drivers, but especially fitting for those who travel a great deal, whether for business or between home and college.

What: Quality set of sheets

Why: Comfort, treat, post-wedding gift

From: Close friends, sisters, couples

A nice set of sheets could be the sort of thing that you’ve put off buying for yourself, especially if you have spent your time and money securing larger household items like furniture. Similarly, you may have purchased inexpensive bedding that is now worn. Whatever the case, a quality set of sheets can turn your bedroom into a sanctuary and is a versatile gift idea that suits close friends, family, and newlyweds alike.

There’s no reason why practical gifts have to be boring. You can always build upon them throughout the year, such as enlisting professional help with organizing the garage once that door has been installed and the garage door opener is clipped to your car’s visor. Have your car detailed so it will be beautiful inside as it motors down the street on new tires. Let that good set of sheets be the impetus you need to repaint your bedroom. Whatever you decide, let practical gifts work for you every day.

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