Summer Exercise: Get Moving Outside

One of the things I love about summer is the ability to head outside for my exercise. I actually have a hard time with exercise for the sake of exercise. But I love being active outside. During the summer, it’s much easier for me to fit exercise into my day, since I can head outside. As long as I arrange my home business schedule to accommodate, summer is a great time to increase my activity.

Summer Exercise Outside

It’s much easier for me to stick with an exercise plan when I enjoy it. Being outside not only boosts my mood and gets me moving, but it’s also a great way for me to spend time with my son. He gets tired out, and is ready to spend some quiet time when we’re done (helpful for the work from home schedule), and we have a great time together.

Some of the outdoor activities I enjoy, that are also great for exercise, include:

  • Biking: While you can get a serious workout by riding your bike long distances, or going on a challenging mountain bike course, it’s also possible to get a decent workout just riding around the neighborhood. My son and I love to ride our bikes around the neighborhood, or to the school (where he can play on the playground while I walk around the soccer field.
  • Sports: Practice sports. My son is in the midst of baseball right now, and we practice regularly. We do drills together, and work on throwing, catching, and swinging the bat. You can play basketball, football, golf (including the frisbee version), tennis, and other sports for a good workout.
  • Hiking and camping: Every summer we going camping. A good hike is always a great workout, and you get to enjoy the scenery.
  • Water sports: We’re not into water skiing or using a motorized boat. However, we do like going out in a raft or canoe. The workout you get from rowing or paddling can be solid (and build arm strength). Swimming, of course, is an amazing full-body exercise. You can get a good workout just by playing around in the water, or get serious with lap swimming. I enjoy lap swimming, and head to our outdoor aquatic center during the summer months for morning lap swim.
  • Nature walk: Even if you aren’t up for something that gets you seriously sweating, it’s possible to get some movement in. Go for a walk around your neighborhood, or go for a nature walk. It’s a fun way to a little more activity to your day, and enjoy fresh air.

Not only can you burn calories with outside exercise, but you can also boost your mood (sunshine and fresh air will do that), as well as help your immune system (assuming you have your allergies under control). Summer time is a great time to boost your health, since it also heralds better availability to fresh produce, and other healthy food alternatives. Take a look around this summer, and find ways to get your family moving outside — and on track for better health.

What are your favorite summer time activities?

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