Stay Motivated with a Health Buddy

I struggle with the whole healthy living thing. Yes, I want to be healthy. But I hate exercise and love sweets. I go through cycles where I’m awesome at improving my health, and then something will get off track. I get tired. Work piles up. Life gets in the way. I slowly lose the fire, and the good vibes disappear.

Soon I’m gaining weight, and back to trying to lose the same 10 pounds I lost last year. Part of the difficulty, I think, is that it’s been a long time since I’ve had a health buddy to keep me motivated.

I’d be using a health app (I like LoseIt!) or visiting health web sites, and in the meantime my husband would be giving me a bit of a hard time for obsessing about food and exercise. And, of course, the house was full of junk food and we went out to eat waaaay more than we should have.

Stay Motivated with a Health Buddy

It’s hard to stay healthy when everywhere you turn is a reason not to be healthy. But that all changed when my husband decided he wanted to get healthy, too.

A Health Buddy Makes All the Difference

A few months ago, my husband ran into stress issues that affected his appetite and his health. Over the course of six months, he lost 50 pounds. That rapid weight loss was neither healthy nor fun. However, he looked at his new, svelte figure and decided that he didn’t want to gain the weight back. He was overweight before, and he likes being a healthy weight now.

So, we are health buddies. We don’t exercise together, but we both have the LoseIt! app on our iPhones, and we talk about different foods, and whether or not the calories are worth it. We plan healthy meals together, many of them involving fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains and lean protein.

I don’t have to worry about him bringing home a lot of donuts because now he doesn’t want to use the calories on them, either. Instead, we decide what absolutely decadent treat would be worth the calories for the week, and focus on that, rather than munching away on lesser treats.

Having a health buddy makes things easier because we are working toward the same goals. We can support each other, and give each other tips. We are friends on LoseIt, so we can see the badges we’re earning, and my husband can see what I’ve been snacking on at home and tease me about it. It’s a sort of way to shame me into eating fruit or a handful of nuts rather than reaching for candy.

While I don’t want shame to be a part of my food experience, a little light teasing to keep me on track isn’t a bad thing. And this whole thing is a lot more fun, and a lot more doable with a buddy. It’s a special bonus that my health buddy happens to be married to me.

What do you think? Is it easier for you to get healthy when you have a health buddy?

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