Shopping Review: Amazon’s Subscribe & Save

I like to exchange money for time. If I can pay a little extra, or find some way to automate certain chores, I will do it. This provides me with the ability to free up time to spend with friends and family, or work on things that are more important (and pleasant).

One of the things I do to make things easier — and more productive for me in the long run — is to use tools like Amazon’s Subscribe & Save (I also use Blue Apron).

How Subscribe & Save Gives Me Time

I find shopping tedious and time-consuming. I like to automate as much as my shopping as possible. This is where Amazon’s Subscribe & Save comes in. With the help of Subscribe & Save, I can set quantities and delivery options, and not have to worry about going to the store or ordering items as needed.

The items I find especially helpful with this service are my health and beauty items. My makeup and feminine hygiene products are delivered to me on a regular schedule. I don’t have to think about it, or make a trip to the store; these items just show up on my front porch.

You don’t have to stick with health and beauty items, though. There are a number of non-perishable grocery items you can sign up for as well. My ex-husband used to have his favorite pasta delivered on a regular basis through Subscribe & Save. You can have bottled water, coffee, granola bars, baby food, and a number of other foods sent to you regularly.

Every month I receive updated emails to remind me of what’s coming my way. I also have the option to quickly check to see if I need to skip a delivery, or change my subscription. It’s possible to cancel a subscription at any time. You can set delivery options to monthly, or have other intervals, such as every other month or every six months. If you find that you need to tweak your subscription once you get a feel for how quickly you go through items, it’s as easy as a click of the button.

Most months, I don’t spend any time managing my subscription. I just see that it’s on its way and move on. It saves me time and worry.

Save Money with Subscribe & Save

Another bonus of using this service from Amazon is that you have the ability to save money. Many of the items available through Subscribe & Save come with a 15% discount. Once you sign up, you get a discount on your items. I love that I can save money with this program. Amazon already has low prices on many items, and adding a discount can help me save even more. It’s a good way to stay on budget without thinking about it — or taking extra steps to save money or get your regularly-purchased items.

The main downside is that you do need to stay aware of when your credit card on file will expire and you need to pay attention if you move. You’ll need to update your credit card information and your shipping address in order to avoid an interruption in service. However, this doesn’t take very long, so you should be able to finish it quickly. As long as you pay attention to these items, you can keep your subscriptions moving smoothly.

This is one of my favorite services from Amazon. Do you have experience with Subscribe & Save? What do you get delivered on a regular basis?

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