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How to Encourage Your Child to Think Critically

Lately, my son, who’s 11, has been making statements. He’ll make a statement about a news event, or a political debate, and it’s usually something that he’s heard from someone else. While we’ve tried to instill our own values in our son, sometimes we find that the things he’s exposed to at school, talking to… Continue Reading

11 Great Historical Fiction Books for Kids

A few months ago, my son was told he needed to read books from three different genres and report on them for school. My son is mostly interested in fantasy, science fiction, and superhero comics/graphic novels (no one who knows me questions how that happened), so we needed to come up with something that would work… Continue Reading

Tips for Teaching Your Child Good Etiquette

There are times when I see how my son is acting, and I cringe. For many parents, watching their children commit crimes against etiquette is painful. For me, it’s even more painful because I try to instill a sense of decorum in my son. I expect him to write thank you notes. I try to enforce… Continue Reading