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5 Keys to Having a Better Fight with Your Partner

All couples fight. Disagreement is a possibility whenever you get two people in a room. Even though you might share core values with your significant other, there is likely something that you don’t agree on. When it comes to fighting with your life partner, it’s important to do your best to fight better. It’s possible… Continue Reading

7 Tips for Hiking with Your Kids

This summer is the “summer of hiking” for my son and me. We live in an area that features numerous outdoor activities, and that provide us with opportunities to enjoy nature. After enjoying a couple of hikes last year, my son decided that he wants to do more of it, and we have decided to… Continue Reading

How Putting Yourself First Benefits Others

Not too long ago, I found myself running ragged, trying to accomplish too much, without enough time to get everything done. I also found myself snapping at my husband and becoming irrationally angry at the foibles displayed by my son. While we all have times when it’s difficult for us to cope with what’s happening… Continue Reading