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Best Approaches to Midlife Career Changes

The number of people who have moved from steadily employed to a state of career obsolescence over the past ten years has been a body blow to the U.S. economy and at a personal level, has shaken the well being and confidence of millions of Americans.  Some among the unemployed have responded by continuing to… Continue Reading

10 Simple Ways To Organize Your Office Space

Getting your work done each day is often a product of being organized. Your work space should allow you to get to the items that you need without having to wade through much clutter and with a level of comfort that suits your personality. Almost everyone could stand to give their office space a little… Continue Reading

Successful Retirement: More Than Just Money

We hear a lot about making sure that we save up enough money for retirement. However, a successful retirement isn’t just about the money. While you want to have enough money for a good retirement, you might be unpleasantly surprised if you haven’t thought about the non-monetary aspects of success in retirement. What good is… Continue Reading

How to Beat Procrastination

One of the things that can really slow you down, no matter your goals, is procrastination. Putting things off seems like a good idea at the time, but shunting your work aside until you “feel like it” often results in little beyond adding to the pile of work you have to do later. Soon, you… Continue Reading