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Gym Review: Koko Fit Club

One of the difficulties I have with exercise is that I’m not exactly sure what to do when I show up at the gym. I do have a gym membership, but it’s mainly for swimming. And I had a personal trainer show me how to use the machines in the weight area once, but that’s… Continue Reading

Summer Exercise: Get Moving Outside

One of the things I love about summer is the ability to head outside for my exercise. I actually have a hard time with exercise for the sake of exercise. But I love being active outside. During the summer, it’s much easier for me to fit exercise into my day, since I can head outside.… Continue Reading

5 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Health

We all know that there are staples when it comes to better health. Exercise. Eat healthy foods. Reduce stress. Sleep better. There are a number of no-brainers that can help you improve your health and immune system, increase your energy, and boost your mood, from breathing exercises to cutting corn syrup out of your diet,… Continue Reading

Health Benefits Associated with Yoga

One of the ways that I improve my flexibility, relax and build some strength is to engage in yoga on a regular basis. I devote some part of nearly every day to yoga, although it is not always my primary exercise (I include aerobic and strength training exercises in my weekly mix). I enjoy yoga… Continue Reading