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Are You Comparing Yourself to Others?

As humans, we tend to compare ourselves to others. From our looks to our accomplishments, it seems natural to use others as a measuring stick. However, that might not be the best approach. After all, if you are always comparing yourself to others, there is a good chance that you will come up short. Instead… Continue Reading

Improve Your Health with Laughter

Since I’ve been struggling with my anger the last few weeks, I am finding that I get a lot of benefit when I can forget my anger and laugh. I feel better, physically and emotionally. This isn’t unusual, though. Numerous studies indicate that laughter really is good for you. Laughter and Physical Changes It makes… Continue Reading

Improve Your Life: Overcome Anger

I’ve been struggling lately with anger and frustration. I know that my attitude is largely my own doing, and I know that it’s up to me to be happy. However, lately, I’ve been feeling angry, and I know why. But I need to get beyond that because, not only is it a bad idea to… Continue Reading

5 Benefits of Meditation

Many of us feel as though we don’t have time to stop and meditate each day. After all, life is busy. However, it is important to take some time out regularly to relax, and to rejuvenate. One way to do this is to meditate. I enjoy meditation, even though I’ve fallen off a bit since… Continue Reading