3 Reasons I Still Use Guided Meditation

I’ve been practicing meditation for years. I find it a good way to relax and refresh myself, and it provides me with a nice break during the day to help me  refocus my energy. It’s a good way to start a day, end a day, or spend time in the middle of the day.

Why I Use Guided MeditationRecently, my son asked me why I was downloading a guided meditation app to my iPhone. He knows I’ve been doing this long enough that I don’t technically need guided meditation. I’m usually fine without it, and he often comes across me meditating without help from a disembodied voice.

However, there are times I find that using a guided meditation can benefit me. Here are 3 reasons why I still use guided meditation at times:

1. It Gives Me Something to Focus On

No matter how experienced you are at meditation, there are times when you just can’t get rid of all the thoughts buzzing around inside of your head. The point is to acknowledge those thoughts, and then let them fade away, but sometimes I just can’t. There are times a problem persists or that I can’t accept outside noises as part of my surroundings.

A guided meditation helps me get over that. A guided meditation gives me something to focus on, and provides an aid to letting the other thoughts and distractions fall away. Something other than your problems and thoughts is a good thing when you meditate, and a guided meditation helps you with that.

2. It’s Useful When My Time is Limited

When I don’t have a lot of time, or when I know that I have to be somewhere specific, it’s hard for me to meditate effectively since I am concerned about the time. When I have a limited amount of time, a guided meditation helps. My iPhone features an app that has a two options: 7 minutes or 13 minutes. I also have a link to a 5 minute meditation and a link to a 20 minute meditation on my computer. These options provide me with different choices, depending on how much time I have.

Since I know how long the guided meditation is, I don’t have to worry about going too long and being late. I can focus before I leave the house, or before I start working on a project with a tight deadline, and I come away with better clarity, since I wasn’t distracting myself with thoughts of how little time I have. It works to keep things efficient.

3. Sometimes I Like Trying Something New

There are different types of meditation, and sometimes I like trying something different with my practice. Different techniques and methods can provide you with different benefits, and help you focus on different outcomes. Sometimes I choose a meditation that takes through a different method that can help me better accomplish something different — or just to shake it up a little bit. It can be good for novelty (that you always need novelty) or it can offer me a new or interesting experience.

Do you use guided meditation?

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