Review: Reader’s Digest Seven-Day Fat Release Kickstart

After dealing with being sick for the better part of three months and experiencing a near breakdown, I found myself in a position where I wanted to lose 10 pounds.

Weight loss is never fun, and I am one of those who regularly ends up in cycles. While I am mostly healthy, I gain five to 10 pounds on occasion, and then lose it. I’ve been working to make taking care of myself more of a priority, and avoid stress and overwork in order to keep the cycle at bay.

So far, it’s been working fairly well. And one of the things that has been helping me is the Reader’s Digest seven-day fat release kickstart.

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I read about the seven-day kickstart in a Reader’s Digest issue two or three months ago. It’s part of the Digest Diet that they tout. The seven-day kickstart is designed to get you on the right track. You start out, with days one through three, by doing things like getting the right amount of sleep and increasing your physical activity.

Then, for the next four days you follow a nutritional schedule. One of your meals is “normal” (and hopefully healthy), while the other two consist of a healthy shake/smoothie and a hearty, healthy soup. The recipes include:

Additionally, snack options include green peppers with a little ricotta cheese and a few grinds of black pepper.

Reader's Digest Seven-Day Fat Release KickstartThe food choices and recipes were limited, since the whole point of the insert was to encourage you to buy the book with the 21-day meal plan. However, I found the seven-day version to be a pretty good start.

Since I like soup, it seemed like a natural thing to try. Additionally, I found that I really like the smoothie. There are other smoothie options, and I often substituted my own homemade soups for the soup meal.

Overall, it was a great way to adjust to a new regimen. I lost about two pounds in the week that I did the kickstart. And, even though I’m beyond that week, I still make a smoothie to replace a meal three times a week, and I continue to have soup for lunch quite frequently.

Of course, I’ve kept with the exercise schedule since I’ve joined the gym again and I’m swimming twice a week again. And I haven’t forgotten the strength training, either.

I’ve found the seven-day fat release kickstart to be helpful, and by incorporating some of the recipes from Reader’s Digest into my meal planning I’ve had some solid success. I feel healthier, and I’m reducing the amount of sweets that I eat.

I’m curious to buy the book, since my brother and his wife have had good success with it, and my mom is giving it a try as well. I might wait to see their results before I get the book myself.

But, overall, it doesn’t seem like a bad thing — especially if it encourages you to change your lifestyle to something sustainable, rather than actually be a “real” diet.

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