Putting Together a “Camping Box”

Recently, my son and I headed to the mountains to meet my sister and her family for a camping trip. I love camping, and we had a great time.

However, over the years we have occasionally forgotten things when we go camping. Whether it’s eating utensils, or propane for the cook stove, my sister and I have been learning the hard way. We have always been used to my parents and their “camping box.” Relying on my parents is fine when we’re having a big campout, but when it’s just my sister and me (and our families), we have to pull it together.

So, after the last trip, which involved me driving down the mountain to buy overpriced items from a store set up for the purpose of fleecing forgetful campers, I decided to put together my own “camping box.” It will have all the basics — just like my parents’ box — and be easy to grab and pack for any camping trip.

Deciding What Goes Into the Camping Box

I plan to buy a lidded Rubbermaid bin to use as my camping box. In it, I will keep my camp stove, propane canister, matches, kettle, pot, frying pan, seasonings, towels, cutting board, hot dog roasting sticks, mugs, lantern, flashlight, tub (for washing dishes), small broom, dust pan, utensils, plates, and other various items that we use frequently. I started making a list of things while out in the woods.

When you decide what goes into your camping box, think about the essentials of what you use the most. Everyone’s camping needs are different. Make a list of the items you want in your box, and then systematically add them. Try to leave extra room, though, since you likely have forgotten something. When you discover what that something is, you’ll want to have room to add it to the box.

I’m also thinking of getting a smaller, flatter bin to keep bedding in. Being able to fold the sleeping bags flat, and put them in with the air mattresses (I’m not as young as I used to be), would be very helpful.

The sleeping tent, folding chairs, and the screen tent that I usually put over the campsite’s picnic table, aren’t going in the box, since those fit into their own small bags. Everything is in the garage, so it’s easy to load and unload without making a mess in the house.

The camping box will only make things easier. However, I will have to make sure I check it, and replenish items as needed. After each trip, I can check the box, and make the purchases necessary, although many of the items will be permanent fixtures, so replacement won’t be needed. Having dedicated camping items only makes the process that much easier; no need to pack and unpack each trip.

Since camping is something I do regularly, it will be nice to ease the process — and have items in a box that fits easily in the car. I’m excited to put my box together. Do you have any suggestions for me?

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  1. We often go camping at a certain park that has showers too. I put together a very small backpack full of bathroom needs. Shampoo/Conditioner, hair brush, soap with zip lock bags and a cheap bottle of hand soap that I leave in the restroom for all campers to use. Toothbrushs, disposable razors, tampoons just in case, lotion, aloe vera, a small kit with tweezers and finger nail clippers (seems I always have at least one family member asking and they are small to pack) and some asprin.
    It comes in handy in the morning. You can just grab your clothes, a towel and the back pack and be on your way.

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