Premium Credit Cards can Save you Time and Sanity and Offer Other Convenient Benefits

Premium Cards are a Time Saver
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Most premium credit cards such as Amex Platinum or Centurion or MasterCard World or World Elite come with many privileges that can be utilized to save you time and effort and maximize convenience. While most of us are aware of these credit card benefits when we acquire these cards, many a times we fail to take advantage of these. This is a pity since we have already paid for these services in form of high annual fees for these premium cards. I will discuss a few in this article

Concierge Service

These services really come in handy when you are in a hurry or if you are looking for something that is hard to find. Do you have an anniversary coming up and are unable to think of an appropriate gift? Are you trying to reserve a table at a restaurant that is booked months in advance? Maybe you are looking for tickets for a sold out Yankees game. Give the concierge service a call and you may just be surprised at what they can do for you. Many a times they will be able to get you a table at a restaurant or into an event when all other avenues fail because the credit card company reserves a few seats (or table) for its premium card members.

In other cases, you could find what you want yourself but not without a considerable expense of time and effort. I am not talking about booking flights or hotels that your travel agent can handle (although they can facilitate these too). They can help in planning a vacation in detail, for example suggesting activities for kids or side trips or give you referrals to the best dining in town (and get you a table if you so desire). At Amex, they can also help coordinate your requirements through various Amex services (such as Travel, Air/Yacht Charters, etc). So next time you are in a bind, give them a call. Learn which Small Business Credit Card from American Express OPEN is right for your business by taking a quick quiz.

Airline Lounge Access

If you travel frequently, access to Airline Lounge can be the difference between you arriving at your destination refreshed and ready to go versus you needing a shower and rest. It is true that you can buy Lounge access separately with the airlines, but why? Your Amex Platinum or Centurion can get you and your companion into many airline lounges without hassle. These lounges are also accessible using a World Mastercard Elite, although you may have to pay a token charge in some cases depending on your credit card.

Temporary local office

Amex premium cards come with a membership to Regus offices, which can be quite handy on your business trips when you need to find a temporary office space. In most cases, access to Regus lounge is complimentary along with Wi Fi internet access as well as coffee and refreshments

And there is more. But these are some of the basic premium credit card benefits that one will find most use for right away.

Let us know what services you have used and your experience with them

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  1. I recently traveled to Puerto Vallarta and it was great, I used my Amex card to pay for the flight and the hotel and with that I got a first class seat on the airplane for a coach price. And then for the hotel room they upgraded my room and I got free room service for 2 for 2 nights and my wife and I got a yacht for 6 hours on our last day. All of this was set up by an agent with american express. I couldn’t believe that they would do that for me.

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