How to Kick Cancer’s Butt: Tips to Fight and Prevent the Disease

Cancer is a word no one likes to say and no one ever wants to hear, especially from their doctor. An incurable disease that has claimed the lives of millions, cancer comes in different forms, areas, and stages. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by the disease. My first experience with cancer was in Kindergarten; it claimed the life of my teacher. My father-in-law has Leukemia, two of my aunts had breast cancer, and it was the cause of death of a close family friend. No one knows exactly what causes cancer, and again, there’s no known cure, unless you delve into conspiracy theories.

Is it genetic or is it brought on by lifestyle choices? Some doctors believe it’s both. Lung cancer can be caused by smoking while breast cancer is more prevalent with a family history. Is there something you can do to prevent it? Is there something you can do to fight it? There are constant studies trying to find different links, and here are some things physicians believe will help you kick cancer’s butt:


What you eat can make a huge impact in how cancer affects your life. You hear all the time how food is so overly processed and includes harmful chemicals and preservatives. We need to get closer to a diet based around whole foods, organic foods, and plant based meals. Folate-rich foods, or foods that are rich in the B-complex vitamin, are encouraged. Green vegetables have a good track record, and if you have a hard time increasing this, I recommend investing in a juicer to incorporate more servings. Doctors also suggest green tea, ginger, and a variety of berries.


If you want to kick cancer’s butt, you’re going to want to get off of yours and get some exercise in your life. So many people believe exercise requires so much time and energy, and it doesn’t have to! You can squeeze in some exercise when you least expect it. All it requires is additional movement. We live such sedentary lives, where we sit down most of the day at work, and continue sitting at home. Put some extra steps between your car and the store. Play with your kids, and if you don’t have any, play with someone else’s kids. Ride a bike, walk your dog, or even make it a point to clean vigorously around the house. Get your heart pumping and the blood flowing. Cancer hates that.

Kick the Habit

You’ve been looking for a reason to quit, haven’t you? This is the perfect time! There’s nothing positive about smoking. You’re not going to get too far from stressing out. Put all of your bad habits behind you, or you’ll really have a reason to stress out when the doctor gives you that bad news. That means reducing your alcohol consumption, getting rid of the negative energy around you, throwing away those costly cigarettes, and any other bad habits you may be holding on to. You’ve been trying to quit, and today’s the perfect day to stop.

Keep Your Appointments

There may not be a “cure” for cancer yet, but it has been known to go into remission. I know going to the doctor can be tedious, annoying, and maybe even a little frightening. A lot of people believe what they don’t know won’t hurt them, and that’s simply not the case. Keep your appointments with your doctors for regular checkups. Don’t be afraid to ask for routine tests to learn if you’re at risk. Women, get your mammograms. Men, get your prostate examined. If you do get bad news that cancer is in your body, you may be lucky enough to catch it early, and put together an aggressive action plan to fight it. Having cancer is not an immediate death sentence. I know a 3 time cancer survivor, still alive, still living life abundantly. Don’t avoid it.

We have lost too many people to cancer. Celebrities such as Patrick Swayze, Farrah Fawcett, Ted Kennedy, and recently Steve Jobs and Joe Frazier, have all succumbed to the illness. It’s not fun to have, and it’s hard to handle, but it doesn’t mean your life is over. Take these precautionary measures to prevent it or to fight it.

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