Gym Review: Koko Fit Club

One of the difficulties I have with exercise is that I’m not exactly sure what to do when I show up at the gym.

I do have a gym membership, but it’s mainly for swimming. And I had a personal trainer show me how to use the machines in the weight area once, but that’s the kind of information that can slip away. Plus, how do you know what to work on next?

When I went to a training session at Koko Fit Club, I knew that I had found a gym that could work for me. Too bad there isn’t a Koko near me.

Personalized Exercise

In the interest of full disclosure, I do need to tell you that my free training session at Koko Fit Club was with my brother-in-law, who works at a Koko up where my parents live. I went in as part of a promotion. I go through a trial session, my parents get a free month. So I went through a trial. And, even if my relatives weren’t somehow involved, I’d be impressed.

Koko Fit Club is all about putting you on a personalized exercise plan to help you get the most out of your workout. You start out by choosing which program will help you meet your goals, from building muscle, to burning fat, to recovering from physical injury, to maintaining your current level of health. There is even a plan designed for diabetics. There are also different levels in each workout, helping you move through beginner, moderate, and advanced for each goal.

Gym Review: Koko Fit ClubOnce your plan is in place, you receive a key fob that contains a flash stick. This keeps all of your workout information. It also measures your abilities. As I went through the workout, the machines (which are digitally integrated) monitored by pace and ability to help me calibrate the weights and my pace to help me get the right workout.

Since everything is kept for you, the next time you come in, you plug in your drive, put on your earphones, and find out where you should start. The workouts vary with each visit to make sure that your body doesn’t plateau. For the novice, it means that you don’t skip leg day if it’s time for leg day.

As your fitness level improves, you are directed to pick up the pace on your cardio, or add a little more weight on your strength training. You can also switch between programs, once you have reached a goal.

Another thing I like about Koko is that, as a member, you can receive a nutrition plan to go with your exercise program. Koko doesn’t try to sell you nutrition products; instead you are directed to buy certain items at the store. And, if you don’t like something, Koko provides you with alternative items to purchase.

Bottom Line

Overall, I really enjoyed my Koko experience. It’s very straightforward. It costs around $80 a month at my parents’ club (it might cost more elsewhere). However, you get the benefit of a personalized experience without paying extra for the personal trainer. It isn’t very social, so if part of the reason you go to the gym is for the social interaction at yoga class or for the zumba, this isn’t going to work for you.

However, if you want to progress into a body that is optimally fit, and you just want to get in and get it done, Koko can be just the club for you.

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