Goal Setbacks? Start Over Again

One of the most difficult situations that many of us face is the fact that we sometimes fail. We make plans to eat better, exercise more, or save more money, and then find ourselves going off track.

Once we have goal setbacks, it becomes tempting to just assume that we’ve failed — and give up. However, there is no reason to completely give up. It’s possible to get back on track, or even to start over again.

Standing on weight scale.I always struggle this time of year with the holiday weight gain, especially since I’m already usually locked in a battle with my weight. But I still try to do what I can to limit the damage, and stay on track as much as possible. I also struggle, sometimes, with staying on track with my work and my productivity. It’s easy to just become discouraged and give up.

However, I’ve started taking steps not to give up so easily, and to not assume that one slip up means complete failure.

Stop Digging the Hole

I use Lose It to help me stay on track with my weight goals, and it can be discouraging sometimes. Once I go over my calorie count one day, it’s tempting to just say that the whole day is a wash, and then go crazy with a little binging.

This doesn’t really solve anything, and it just digs the hole deeper. Recognize when you are throwing in the towel because of a minor issue. Don’t overthrow your budget this month and going on a shopping binge because you overspent in one category. And don’t assume that your meditation goals are completely shot because you don’t have 20 minutes to devote today.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Any progress is something to be celebrated. So, while it’s taking me a little longer than I would like to reach my current weight goal, I’m still making some progress, and that’s what I need to focus on. Even though I slip up, it doesn’t mean that I have to assume that all is lost, and then stop trying altogether. Some days that means that I get in at least five minutes of exercise, just so that I’m doing something, rather than deciding that if I can’t do 40 minutes it’s not worth it at all.

Take a Deep Breath and Start Fresh

Sometimes it makes sense to start fresh. Or at least set up milestones so that you have the opportunity to start fresh. When I find myself discouraged because the last few days haven’t been going well, I take a deep breath, and vow to start over again tomorrow. Sometimes, I take that deep breath and decide to start again Right. This. Minute.

Your future still isn’t set in stone, and you can move forward from this moment. Don’t get bogged down by setbacks. Try for positivity. Sometimes, it’s hard to stay positive, but it’s worth the effort. Think of positive things in your life, and focus on how far you’ve come, rather than how far you have left to go.

Then, take one more step forward.

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