Educating Your Child On a Dime

In this day and time, people are looking for ways to save money by any means necessary. There’s only so much that you can cut from your budget. You can decide to drive less, decide to stretch your dollars by cooking at home, and limiting your entertainment budget. What about the parents who send their children to private schools? Tuition for a private school education could easily send you into an early debt, 10 years before your child even reaches college! I’ve been to private schools and public schools, and I have to say that I learned more in my public school, and it cost my parents a lot less.

With state standards and mandatory learning requirements, however, public schools still find themselves at a disadvantage. Sure, you’re not paying for the education but you may or may not be preparing your child properly for college. So what can parents do to ensure that their child is still getting a quality education without breaking the bank? Take matters into our own hands. Here’s how you can educate your child on a dime.

  • Get a tutor: Many schools have on site tutoring that will not cost nearly as much as a private tutor, and will yield the same results. Look into after school assistance if your child is struggling in a particular subject. School tutoring is usually provided by teachers or even their peers who are excelling in the subject.
  • Take field trips: Who said field trips were just for school? Take your child to interesting and educational places for family trips. Museums are a great place to go for further education, and you could get discount admission if you search for coupons.
  • Podcasts: There’s a wealth of information available to you via podcasts. You can get recordings of classes from esteemed universities like Yale and Harvard without having to step foot inside of a classroom. If there’s a subject your child is interested in, direct them to the iTunes University section. This article will not be complete without the mention of the excellent online learning resource, The Khan Academy. They have video lessons on virtually any topic and has Bill Gates’ endorsement.
  • Webinars: If your child is a more visual learner, a webinar could be a great way to expand their education. Webinars are seminar type classes available online. Saving you money on traveling, you can find experts speaking on interesting subjects from the comfort of your own home.
  • Computer programs: Growing up, I had a program called JumpStart and it provided a video game format of learning on the computer. They had JumpStart from 1st grade to 8th grade. It made me excited to learn since it was disguised as fun. Look for computer programs that promote education without boring your child.
  • Phone apps: If your child has a smartphone, you can find some great educational applications in the app store. You can find tutorials, flashcards, and even organizers for them to keep track of their homework assignments and test dates. If they’re going to be on their phone all day anyways, they should have some tools that can help them along the way.
Education shouldn’t be left just to the teachers and the school administration. As a parent, you should make sure your child is understanding subjects in school, and if not, make an action plan to ensure they feel comfortable with what they’re learning. There’s so many resources either for free or for cheap that you can utilize.

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