Chinese New Year: Black Water Snake

Chinese New Year is underway, and this year is the year of the snake. It’s a water year, and the color is black, so many are calling this the year of the black water snake.

For many, this year promises to be an interesting one. In terms of the wider world, a water year is one that is often associated with science, education, and research. Additionally, snakes are often thought to be ambitious.

As a result, 2013 is expected to be a good year for scholars and scientists, and the advancement of technology. It’s also worth noting that business ventures are expected to succeed as well, since the snake’s ambitious nature has bearing on go-getters who want to start businesses.

Even though the snake is generally considered to have positive energy, it is also important to note that the snake often means change. This means that we are likely to see some level of upheaval and change in the coming year. For those who are prepared, it might mean opportunities!

Is the Year of the Snake Good for Everyone?

Chinese New Year SnakeIn Chinese astrology, different years and different animals are associated with the five elements of earth, air, water, fire, and metal. While this year is a water year, snake is commonly associated with fire. As a result, there is likely to be a mixture of good fortune and bad fortune — no matter who you are.

Some, though, are expected to have to do more to overcome the potential misfortunes during the coming year. I was born a sheep, and, as a result, my luck in money matters is supposed to be fairly poor. I’m supposed to see challenges in areas of wealth and career, and need to prepare in order to overcome what the Year of the Snake means to someone like me.

Last year, the Year of the Dragon, was supposed to be auspicious; this year it’s a little less so.

If You are a Snake

If your horoscope sign is the snake, you are likely to see challenges in your professional life and with wealth. However, your relationships and health are supposed to improve. Whether you are in a relationship now, or single, now is the time to boost your romance.

It’s also possible to use feng shui to invite different attributes into your home and improve your luck. The use of vibrant plants and small fountains can help keep positive energy flowing through your home.

Pay attention the West side of your home, and add water items to help you encourage wealth and career. This might be important if you want to overcome the possible challenges you might face this year.

Do You Live According to Astrology?

Of course, not everyone orders their lives according to astrological signs. While I am interested in astrology, and in horoscopes of all kinds, I tend not to put a lot of emphasis on these items. There are things that I think can open up the feel of my home, and infuse me with positivity, but I think that, overall, I make my own fate.

What about you? What do you expect in the Year of the Snake?

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