10 Awesome Summer Activities for Kids

School is out for the summer and your children are home much more. While summer is fun for the first few days, things can get a little difficult after that. “I’m bored!” becomes the constant refrain.

If you want to keep your kids occupied during the vacation months, consider these 10 summer activities for kids.

10 Awesome Summer Activities for Kids

  1. Learning: Don’t neglect your kids’ brains for the summer. While you don’t want to overload them, you can still help them retain what they’ve learned and even learn something new. Have them devote an hour or so each day to learning, and you’ll automatically have something for them to do.
  2. Video games: Yes, I know that you’re not supposed to have the kids inside all day. But sometimes there’s no substitute for a video game. Let your kids play a video game or watch a movie after they’ve been outside and done some learning time. Bonus points if the game is educational.
  3. To the library: A trip to the library can keep some of the boredom away. Your kids can pick out books they haven’t read, find new games to play, and perhaps even be in time for story time. A good way to kill a couple of hours.
  4. Scavenger hunt: Want the kids out of your hair for a little while? Create a scavenger hunt. Have them collect items from around the house, inside and outside. Even better? Arm them with cameras and have them take pictures of specific items.
  5. Camping in the backyard: Prepare the kids for camping by having them practice in the backyard. Have them roll out the sleeping bags and set up the tent. This can take a great deal of time and they’ll be learning something useful.
  6. Pool pass: Many municipal pools offer passes that you can buy for your kids. This will give your kids something to do a couple of times a week during the summer.
  7. Gardening: Get your kids involved in your family’s garden. Have your children help plant and care for the produce. You can assign each child a portion of the garden, or have them all go out together to work. It’s fun to watch things grow, and the kids can enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes with the harvest later. If you don’t have space for a garden, assign each child a container and grow a container garden.
  8. Picnic: Ask your kids to plan a picnic. Have them choose a menu and (if they are old enough) pack lunches. You can all ride your bikes to the park for the picnic, or you can eat the picnic in your backyard. Either way, it’s a fun activity.
  9. Collections: Have your kids start collections. They can collect flowers, rocks, leaves, or insects. Learn the basic rules of collection and presentation, and then have your child look for interesting specimens.
  10. Star gazing: Kids are often up later in the summer. Go out for some star gazing at night, learning the constellations, and watching for shooting stars. Hopefully, they’ll sleep in the next morning!

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