5 Actions You Can Take Now for a More Positive Life

I’m trying to be more positive for 2013. While I’m not generally a negative person, the last couple of years have been a little trying for me. As a result, I understand that I need to take action for a more positive life.

While it would be nice to think that it’s all about outside forces, and I know that certain changes in my situation would probably help, I also know that it’s more about my own reaction than anything else.

It’s also about my actions. As I start working toward a more positive life, here are 5 actions I can take right now to improve almost any situation:

1. Keep a Gratitude Journal

I’ve done this on and off over the years, and it’s probably time to start it up again. Gratitude can be a major player in overall positivity. When you focus on what you have, and what you are glad you have, it’s easier to maintain a positive outlook. A gratitude journal is a simple way to start living a more thankful life. Your gratitude journal will force you to think about your situation, and acknowledge what’s good in your life.

2. Add Five Minutes of Meditation to Your Day

I regularly practice meditation, although it’s dropped off a bit. Not too long ago, I realized that I’m down to about five minutes a day. A couple of years ago, I meditated 20 minutes a day. I’ve let other things crowd out the meditation.

You don’t need a lot of meditation to improve your outlook. Try finding five extra minutes in your day for meditation. It can energize and center you, as well as help you relieve stress. All of those benefits can help you live positively.

3. Add 10 Minutes of Exercise to Your Day

One of the best ways to relieve stress is to exercise. You can enjoy better health, and the act of exercising can send endorphins that help you feel good. It’s easier to be positive when you feel good. Just adding 10 minutes of exercise to your routine can help. If you already exercise, try bumping up the amount of time you spend exercising by a few minutes. An extra brisk walk at lunch, or some time playing outside with your kids can boost positive feelings in a way that goes beyond a few extra minutes on the treadmill.

4. Compliment Someone

You might be surprised at the positive effect that complimenting someone else can have on your own attitude. One of the keys to positive living is focusing on the good things. A compliment to someone else takes you outside yourself, and it requires you to look for the good in someone else. When you get used to looking for the good in others, you will find more to be happy about.

5. Go to Bed Half an Hour Earlier

Do you stay up too late? Whether you are watching TV or trying to finish a project for work, see if you can improve your outlook by going to be a little earlier. If getting to bed half an hour earlier seems like too much of a stretch for you, step your efforts. Go to bed 10 minutes earlier for a week, and then add another 10 minutes.

A better sleep schedule means that you are less cranky and tired, and you can deal with stress easier. Add a little more sleep to your day for a better outlook on life.

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