7 Fun Halloween Movies for Kids

Halloween is coming up. The house is already decorated, and my son has settled on a costume. At our house, Halloween isn’t a huge deal, but I still like to make it fun — and I like some of the traditions and pagan lore that spawn Halloween.

I also like Halloween movies. Not horrors, but fun Halloween themed movies that I can watch with my son. Here are 7 Halloween movies to consider watching with your kids; no zombies involved:

  1. Halloween Movies For KidsIt’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: I have to put this movie first because it’s my son’s favorite. He loves this movie so much that sometimes he even watches it during other times of the year. He’s a huge Peanuts fan, and no Halloween is complete at our house without watching this movie. And listening to my son’s nearly constant refrain: “I got a rock!”
  2. Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit: Good times here. The stop motion is fun, and there is plenty of laughs. Plus, my son loves that the rabbits have pig noses. What?
  3. The Nightmare Before Christmas: This is one of my favorite movies related to Halloween. Indeed, a few of our Halloween decorations are Nightmare-themed. I like the humor, and the animation style. My son hasn’t seen it yet, but I’m thinking this is the year. He needs to be introduced to a true classic.
  4. Corpse Bride: Another Tim Burton animated film, Corpse Bride is another fun pick. As usual with Tim Burton films scored by Danny Elfman, the music is fun to listen to as well. (Confession: My son is probably one of the few grade-schoolers on the planet that can identify an Oingo Boingo song almost immediately.)
  5. Monsters, Inc.: While Disney is getting a little bit darker, and offering more for the grown-ups, Monsters, Inc. is a fun movie that the kids will love. My son really enjoys this movie, although he thinks that he has just about outgrown it.
  6. The Haunted Mansion: This is another classic Disney movie that is fun for kids. It’s really not all that scary, but it is Halloween-themed. Of course, with Eddie Murphy, you can’t really expect something seriously scary.
  7. Coraline: If your child is ready to handle something that really is a bit creepier, Coraline can be a good choice. Based on the book (which I love) by Neil Gaiman, the stop motion film has plenty of creepiness to it. Now, when The Graveyard Book is actually released as a movie, we can add that to the list.

Deciding when your kids are ready to watch something scarier depends entirely on what you know of your child, and what he or she can handle. My son isn’t a big fan of “scary,” or “disturbing,” which is why, at 10, he has yet to see The Nightmare Before Christmas (and why he hasn’t seen Coraline). But I think that he can handle it now, especially if I watch it with him.

What do you think? What your favorite Halloween movies for kids?

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