6 Tips for Adding Culture to Your Life

Culture can enrich our lives, taking us out of the realm of mere entertainment, and into the realm of the mind. Culture and arts can be interesting and entertaining, true, but there is an element of higher human expression that can touch our lives and add a very welcome refinement.

One of my favorite activities is to attend the Utah Festival Opera, which takes place every summer in the town where I live. However, you don’t have to get into opera in order to enjoy culture and the arts. There are plenty of other ways to start adding culture to your life:

1. Look Local

Find out what local arts and culture events are taking place in your town. Chances are there’s something to fit your taste — and it probably isn’t very pricey. Look for art shows, local poetry readings, events at the library, historical sites, high school plays and concert performances, and displays at the local museum.

2. Read a Classic

There are plenty of classic works of literature that are interesting, and suited to a variety of tastes. I have a hard time plodding through Dickens, so I read Sherlock Holmes mysteries. I enjoy Greek mythology, and so turn to Homer. Think about what you enjoy, and then look for it in some of the classics of world literature.

You don’t even have to limit yourself to old classics. There are plenty of interesting modern works that are destined to become classics. Pick a genre that you haven’t read before, and give it a try.

3. Learn about Another Culture

You can broaden your horizons just by learning about another culture. This can be a historical culture, or a modern-culture from the other side of the globe. Just the act of learning about what makes another person tick, with the help of understanding their customs and cultures, can be a great way to expand your mind.

4. Try New Foods

I love eating, and I love learning about other cultures. Trying new foods is a perfect way to go about this. And the fact that we have a surprising variety of authentic ethnic restaurants in my town, and we go through the rotation. Food is an important part of most cultures, and you can experience some of that by trying something new.

5. Listen to Different Music

It’s true that, by far, my favorite music is alternative rock. However, I also enjoy other types of music. I like big band, Celtic origin, and Baroque Period music quite a bit. I also listen Middle Eastern and Indian music, and I find the atonal nature of some of the music out of China interesting. Take the time to listen to different types of music, and identify what you like about it. Moving out of the realm of current pop music can add to the quality of your life.

6. Do Something Creative

You don’t have to look at what others create to enjoy fulfillment through arts and culture. You can add a little culture to your own life by doing something creative. Whether you decide to write a story, create a craft item, paint a picture, learn a musical instrument, or just dance around the house a little bit, your creative endeavors can enrich your life.

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  1. Wonderful suggestions. I agree with your statement that creative endeavors can enrich your life. And I also like going to local art shows in my area. I’ve picked up a couple of affordable pieces that have added a lot to our home.

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