6 Tips for Adding a Little More Dynamism to Your Life

One of the things that you might notice about life is that you can become stuck in a rut. Stagnancy is a very real issue that can result in “down” feelings. While disappointment is part of life, and while stagnancy is also common, it doesn’t mean that you have to wallow there indefinitely. It is possible to add a little more dynamism to your life. You’ll feel better, and possibly enjoy better health. Here are 6 things you can do to get things moving a little more:

1. Find Something New to Enjoy

Look for something that offers a source of enjoyment and inspiration. For me, taking guitar lessons helped add variety to my life. Volunteer work, a new hobby, learning about a different culture or religion, or finding new things to read, are all things that can help you add a little more dynamism to your life. New experiences don’t have to be big and profound. Find something interesting to you, and add it to your life to overcome some of your feelings of stagnation.

2. Help Others

One of the best ways to take you outside yourself and your focus on your own unmotivated feelings is to provide help for others. This can be volunteering at a food pantry or women’s center, but it can also include doing things in your home. Humanitarian aid packages are always needed in poverty stricken countries, and soldiers are always happy to get care packages. You can put these together, or you can do something as simple as sewing receiving blankets for the local hospital. You’ll feel good about doing something to help others.

3. Make Small Changes in Your Daily Routine

No, you can’t just up and quit your boring job. (Not unless you have money set aside for the purpose of quitting, of course.) And there are some things that just have to be done each day. But you can make small changes in your daily routine. Add a quick walk around the block. Eat something different for breakfast. If you have a little extra time and money, try a new restaurant for lunch. You might be surprised at how invigorating little routine changes can be.

4. Set a Goal and Make a Plan

Sometimes what we need is something to be working toward. Whether it’s saving up for a vacation or a promotion at work, set a realistic goal for yourself, and then make a plan to achieve it. Break your plan down into small, achievable steps. When you are actively working toward something and accomplishing your small milestones, you can feel dynamics in your life that are absent when you have no purpose.

5. Take a Break

Sometimes you just need to relax and unwind to add a little more life to your…life. If you have vacation days coming, take them. I recently went camping. I love being unplugged from the world, and just taking some time to enjoy nature. I come back feeling great, and feeling as though things are moving in a positive direction. You don’t need a long vacation to refresh yourself. A day or two away can be very beneficial — even if all you do is relax at home. Try to find some time everyday to relax. It doesn’t even have to be the same activity every day, either.

6. Start Today

One of the things that leads to stagnation in life is procrastination. So don’t put things off until tomorrow. If you want to add more dynamism to your life, today is the time to start. Take a small step by calling a local volunteer organization to see what you can do, or checking your schedule and planning a relaxing day off. Figure out how you can add a little more oomph to your life, and then start taking steps right now.

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  1. these are all great tips. i have been on a such a great streak as of the past few months and the wham. out of no where last week i hit a funk. i am a very positive person so for me to be in a funk is not typical. so i am really focusing on the positive aspects of my life and am very confident that my own mental power can pull me out of the rut and make me even stronger 🙂

  2. Starting today really is the way to go. The recession was the kick in the pants I needed to start Financial Samurai, and it’s been damn fun!

    Who knows where things will lead. But, with Yakezie.com, I think the group will make a difference in other people’s lives!

    Best, Sam

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