5 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Health

We all know that there are staples when it comes to better health. Exercise. Eat healthy foods. Reduce stress. Sleep better. There are a number of no-brainers that can help you improve your health and immune system, increase your energy, and boost your mood, from breathing exercises to cutting corn syrup out of your diet, to taking a brisk walk each day.

In addition to the obvious, though, there are some actions you can take to boost your health that might seem a little surprising. Here are 5 unexpected ways to improve your health:

1. Cry

Many of us have heard that, “laughter is the best medicine.” Indeed, laughter can help you improve your mood and relieve stress. By crying can help, too. When you cry, it can help you relieve stress. Indeed, crying provides an emotional outlet that can help you calm some stresses, lower blood pressure, and even reduce the symptoms of depression.

2. Keep Your Head Cool at Bedtime

A cooler head usually means better sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, consider the temperature of your head. A “cool pillow” that has natural fibers or ceramic pillows that are meant to keep your head cool. Consider turning down the thermostat a little bit. You can keep the rest of your body warm, but let your head cool off so that you get better sleep — and see better health as a result.

3. Fat in Your Bottom and Thighs

Many people spend time trying to force fat to melt away from certain areas. However, when you exercise, your body handles fat differently — and stores it in specific places as well. And, interestingly, having a slightly larger posterior can be better for your health. If you have those curves, it might mean that fat is being store away from vital organs. Fat stored around vital organs in your midsection may not be as noticeable, but it is worse for your health.

4. Surf the Internet

According to some studies, surfing the Internet can boost brain health in aging populations. On top of that, some people find the Internet a helpful escape that can aid in stress relief. On top of that, your Internet social connections can help you ward of depression and other problems. However, understand that back-lit screens can prevent you from falling asleep easily, so you might want to be careful about how much you surf just before bed.

5. Stress

Even though often focus our efforts on eliminating stress, a certain amount of it can actually be good for you. Some types of stress can actually benefit you. Some types of stress serve as motivators that can help you achieve your goals, boosting your self-esteem and improving your confidence. The right kinds of stress, in moderation, can be good for emotional and psychological health.


As always, though, it’s important to practice moderation. Even good things in excess can turn into bad things. You don’t want to be crying all the time, or purposely trying to put on the pounds to get a larger behind. On top of that, too much stress can lead to anxiety and even more health problems. Carefully consider your situation, and realize that some things we think of as bad can be good for you in moderation.

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