5 Places to Find Affordable Art

My husband and I enjoy beautiful things. Of course, what you find beautiful is completely subjective. Many people like having art of some kind in their homes. It can add a touch of beauty and interest to a home, office or other space. Finding affordable art — especially original art — has been difficult in the past. However, in this day of the Internet, and of accepted creativity, it is possible to find artwork of all kinds at affordable prices. Here are 5 places to find affordable art:

1. Look Locally

Before you get online, look locally. Every year, my town holds “Summerfest.” This festival features artists who set up booths and display their original works. You can find very affordable art that matches almost any taste. Many of the artists are local or regional, and we feel good about finding beautiful things, as well as supporting local artists.

You can also look around your town for a local art gallery, or contact the local art guild. These organizations might be able to help you contact local artists who might be able to cut you a deal. We were able to commission a unique piece at a reasonable price by speaking directly with an artist. No, you’re not getting something worth millions. But if your goal is to have something beautiful and original, starting with local artists can be a rewarding experience.

2. Society6.com

Society6.com is a great way to see interesting original art. Artists (any artist) upload their work, and you can vote on it, as well as purchase it. This site allows artists to promote their work, as well as you to buy it at an affordable price. An interesting web site that offers you the chance to buy reproductions at very reasonable prices.

3. Artstar.com

You can purchase original works and limited edition prints for affordable prices when you visit Artstar.com. There are more than 30 artists so far at this site. You can watch videos, as well as see online exhibitions and get expert picks. One of the coolest tools helps you use a virtual room to get an idea of what the piece would look like in a room.

4. Artspace.com

Find plenty of interesting art from up-and-coming artists, as well as a few more established artists at Artspace.com. You can browse artwork, look at collections and get suggestions. You can join for free, and enjoy access to private sales and members pricing. It’s an interesting way to find lovely images that suit almost any taste.

5. Artoftheprint.com

Artoftheprint.com is one of my favorites web sites for finding art. This international online art source divides pages up by nationality, so you can quickly find artists from countries you are interested in. You can also find art arranged by time period, including Old Masters, as well as 19th and 20th century artists. You can find great prints at affordable prices. Includes interesting advertisements as art, as well as cartography art, architectural art and other categories. Even if you don’t actually buy anything, this is a great place to browse. You can get lost online for hours at a time.

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  1. Surprised you didn’t include 20×200. They’ve been around the longest and have the largest selection, though, like the five you highlighted, I don’t always love their featured artwork.

  2. 20×200 has an amazing selection starting at only $20. Make sure to join the mailing list to learn about new editions first as they often sell out!

    Editor’s note: Please be advised that David is the President of the company that owns 20×200. The site he recommends is a great site to visit for affordable art so be sure to check it out.

  3. Thanks for the great write up and suggestions! ArtStar is pleased to get people excited about collecting affordable art. Be sure to check out our blog and newsletter for insider tips and sales!

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