3 Art Forms Impacted by 9/11

This week marks the 11th anniversary of 9/11. In the years since that event, there have been changes in the way we think of ourselves, and the way that we interact with the world. Additionally, 9/11 left such an impact on our lives that it has shown in artwork and other cultural expressions. Here are some of the ways that people have explored their feelings related to one of the most memorable events in history:


As you might expect, many of films made about 9/11 are documentaries. However, there are also non-documentary films related to the events of 9/11 as well. Some of the movies include:

  • 9/11: This interesting film started out following a probationary firefighter, and was supposed to be about the experience of being about a first firefighting experience, but it quickly turned into something else when the Twin Towers were compromised.
  • 9/11: The Twin Towers: Discover Channel’s take on the tragedy.
  • The Heart of Steel: Follows some of the experiences of volunteers in a post 9/11 world. A look at some of the positives to come out of the disaster.
  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: This fictional film, based on a novel, centers around a boy’s journey to learn about the father who was killed in 9/11.
  • Flight 93: The gripping drama, based on the events that brought down a plane headed to do more damage.
  • Mooz-lum: An interesting look at the impact of 9/11 on an African American Muslim family.


A lot has been written about 9/11, and its aftermath. Poetry, novels, and non-fiction have all explored the subject of 9/11. It’s an emotional and notable event that pulls at the heart strings in more ways than one.

  • The Good Life: A novel by Jay McInerney that features events that take place surrounding the 9/11 event.
  • Small Wonder: This is actually a collection of essays by Barbara Kingsolver, who happens to be a biologist as well as a novelist.
  • The Submission: Amy Waldman wrote this novel to look at some of the issues surrounding Muslim relations in America, and features Mohammed Khan, whose design was chosen for the memorial at Ground Zero.
  • Patriot Acts: Narratives of Post-9/11 Injustice: This non-fiction book is edited by Alia Malek and looks at some of the ways that justice was underserved in the aftermath of 9/11.

Visual Artwork

Artwork has been very impacted by 9/11. Many artists shared their feelings through various media as a result of 9/11, from children to adults.

  • 9-11: September 11, 2011: This was a comic book published, featuring single-page work by artists, as well as short stores.
  • Children’s Drawings: There are various outlets that offer children’s drawings of the event. These are some of the most poignant.
  • 9/11 Memorial Quilt: This is an interesting art project that involves creating a quilt and the displaying it around the country.

You can also see more 9/11 paintings at various online galleries. There are a number of paintings that evoke strong emotions as you view them.

Our cultural expressions do a great deal to help us capture the feelings of the moment, as well as to eventually heal.

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