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How to Teach Your Kids to Eat a Varied Diet

“How do you get your son to eat that?” That’s something I’ve heard a lot in the last 12 years. Whether it’s Indian food, vegetables, or whatever else he’s eating, many of my fellow parents are amazed that my son almost never raises a fuss about his food, and he usually cleans his plate. So,… Continue Reading

When Is the Best Time for Your Liquid Stimulants?

One of the things I’ve been working on lately is getting into the rhythm that works best with my body when it comes to productivity. This means working at times when I feel most alert, as well as paying attention to the lows — times when I might be better off taking a nap or… Continue Reading

How to Reduce Your Tendency Toward Stress Eating

I’ve got a problem. I stress-eat. And, lately, with all the upheavals in my life, I’ve not been eating in the most healthy manner. I’m a bit scared to step on a scale, because I’m pretty sure that all the great things I’ve accomplished in the last year are rapidly unraveling. So, I’m trying to… Continue Reading

5 Tips for Healthy Snacking During the Day

One of my biggest struggles during the day is healthy snacking. I love to have a snack every now and then, but, too often, it’s not a healthy snack. It’s usually candy or something salty, like chips. I’ve been trying to be more conscientious about my snacking, since I want to keep up with the… Continue Reading

My 3 Self-Improvement Resolutions for the New Year

Like many Americans, I make resolutions around the time of a new year. I don’t confine my goal-setting to the start of another year, but I do like to use this time to reflect on what I want to accomplish, and to look back on how my life matches with what I want it to… Continue Reading

Healthy Living: It’s More than Just Your Weight

In the past, I associated losing weight with being healthier. However, just losing weight isn’t enough to make you healthier overall. While losing weight can improve your health, especially if you are very overweight, it’s not everything that matters for healthy living. Nutrition It’s possible to appear at a healthy weight, but still not get… Continue Reading

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